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Mr.Paws brings the most convenient and safest to dry your cats and dogs in a smart space, the PePe Pet Dry Room (DR-100). Designed by PePe Inc. in Korea.


PePe  comes from the name of Pet (Pe) and Person (Pe). People who loves their pet and treat them as valuable companion and family.

PePe Pet Dry Room (DR-100) is a kennel type pet dryer with a spacious and cozy smart space,  which helps for more efficient and safe drying  experience with your beloved pets.

Features of the Pet Dry Room

*** PePe Pet Dry Room DR-100 good for pets under 8 kg 


One-touch button and dial method for precise and easy adjustment.


Anion Shower purifies the air and makes the fur more shiny.


Wide and clear LCD window allows you to see at a glance the operating status of the dryer.


PTC Heaters creates no flame during heat generation and prevents safety accidents by not burning oxygen.


Air Nozzles with 7 wind direction that dries the pet faster. From left, right, up and down 45 degrees, top, back and even bottom.


Low noise dry room that makes your pets relaxed and less stressful when drying.


BioLight Therapy which is absorbed into the skin of companion animal increases skin elasticity, helps in metabolism and strengthens immunity.


Biopad dries the feet and belly firmly, it absorbs water immediately giving your pet a comfortable feeling.


Reheating Air Circulation allows air inside the dryer room to circulate for reuse. Prevents waste of electricity.

Light wight and easy to move around.

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