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"It was our first time to be out of the country for 1 month. So imagine our stress and worry for leaving our beloved dogs behind for that long 😓 especially because the other one had separation anxiety 😓 luckily we found @mrpawsph.

Our dogs adjusted quickly because of the staff’s excellent care and affection they have shown our 2 dogs from the very start of their stay till their check out day.


Upon check in, the owner, Paul asked us about our dogs’ daily routine, personalities and quirks and noted it down. He is very hands on. From the moment we left the hotel, he has sent us daily updates of every activity of our dogs, from eating time, playtime, daily walks, sleeping time and weekly grooming so that we didn’t have to worry about how our dogs are doing all the time and be able to enjoy our vacation 😅 the staff are also very patient and loving towards our dogs.


When our dog that has separation anxiety, destroyed his bed, toys, bowls and parts of his room (sorry Mr.Paul 😅🤦🏻‍♀️) on the first few days, they increased his playtime and walks so that he would be entertained and the extra energy would be spent so that he would sleep better during the night. Our other dog also had a loss of appetite and Mr. Paul decided to mix in his @misterfatpaws dog food and our dogs had the appetite again 😅 and when we picked the dogs up for check out, they were healthy, happy, clean and well exercised 😅 not like in the past dog boarding experience where our dog had a major tampo attitude with us (hindi namamansin!! 😓💔) all in all what made the dogs have a good stay was that they were treated with love, care and respect by the owner and staff as if they were their own dogs ❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much to Paul and Mr.Paws staff!! ☺️😊 this definitely won’t be our dogs’ last staycation here 😉 oh and their grooming is excellent too!! Lagpas one week na and bango pa din dogs 🤗🤗🤗"




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